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Key: EX = Excellent VG = Very Good G = Good F = Fair

** Newly Added Items are Indicated with the following:

Last updated 09 May 2013

Item # Description Condition Price Picture
E1 M-1911 .45 Pistol Magazine pouch. Marked "R.H. Long 8-18". In un-issued condition. EX $17.50

Leather "Eagle Snap" 5-round '03 pouch. Marked on rear "R.I.A. 1915". NOS .

EX $75.00
E3  WWI Field Hospital "12 Kidney & Liver Needles, dated 1917. EX $20.00
Click camera for image
E4 Model 1943 Shovel Cover. First pattern folding shovel cover. Has fixed hanger on back and marked "Coglizer Tent & Awning Co. 1943". EX SOLD
E5 Map Case. Marked "General Shoe Corp. 1943". Complete with shoulder strap but, no grids. Very good used condition. VG SOLD
E6 WWII Musette Bag. Marked "Luce Manufacturing Co. 1945". Absolutely mint un-issued! No way to upgrade on this one! EX SOLD
E7 Model 1943 suspenders. These were issued with the M-43 Field trousers and were worn by late war paratroops. They will fit any of the trousers that have the suspender buttons and have elastic stretch tabs on the long ends for comfort. VG $25.00
E8 WWII T-Handle shovel cover. Marked "GEIB, Inc. 1942". EX SOLD


SHAEF shoulder patch. Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces. This is the pre-D-Day patch for Eisenhower's staff. Made of embroidered cotton and has been removed from a uniform. VG SOLD
E10 WWI Condiment Can. This was the can issued to carry a three day ration of Salt, Sugar, Coffee or Tea. Tin washed over steel EX $40.00
E11 1917 dated T-handle shovel cover. Marked "F.M.H.S. CO. 1917". These are pretty hard to come by in this condition. EX SOLD
E12 Mills 10 pocket ammo belt dated "August 1918". EX SOLD
E13 Mills 10 pocket ammo belt dated "June 1918". EX SOLD
E14 WWI pistol lanyard. Marked on clip "PAT. FEB.-20-17". Braided waxed cotton. NOS. EX  SOLD
E15 WWI mdl. 1910 pack complete with Meat Can pouch and Extender (or tail). Marked "L-D Inc. 9-18". These have become really hard to find in nice condition and this one is excellent! EX  SOLD
E16 WWII Model 1928 Haversacks (mostly 1942 dates). In excellent/mint condition, complete with Meat Can Pouches and Pack Extenders (tails). EX $90.00
E17 WWI Victory Medal. EX  SOLD
E18 WWI Bacon/Meat ration can. Stamped in top "Model of 1916 S&B 1918". VG $35.00
E19 WWI Squad Leader pouch. This is the pouch that was usually carried by the Squad Leader or Corporal who carried extra Carlisle bandages in it. Marked "H&P 11-18). EX SOLD
E20 TSMG Cleaning Rod. Measures 16 1/2" long with a 2 1/4" ring on one end and a threaded jag tip to receive a .45 cal bore brush. Un-issued, parkerized finish. EX $15.00
E21 WWII Helmet Nets. 1 1/2" mesh (large) EX $10.00 *
E22 WWII Net Scrim. set of three 20" strips in three different colors (tan, brown, and green). More than enough to split and weave into a helmet net to give that "Band of Brothers" look. EX $10.00 *
E23 WWII Leggings. 1941 and 1942 dated in size 3R. Mint un-issued condition EX $25.00 *
E24 Model 1910 Meat Can Pouch. This one is marked "FLINT 1918 E.D.C." I have never seen one dated before! VG $50.00
E25 WWI Wire Cutters. U.S. marked in very good condition.  VG $90.00
E26 WWII Pick Mattock. Marked "Plumb 1944" complete with 1944 dated carrier. EX $75.00
E27 M-1910 Hand Axe cover/carrier. Marked "Canvas Prod. of K.C. 1944". EX SOLD
E28 WWII "Carlisle Bandage Pouches" Khaki 1942 dated and Olive 1945 dated. Mint un-issued. EX $30.00
E29 Signal Flag Kit. This one is complete with the two semaphore flags on 24" handles as well as the Wig-Wag flags (red w/white center and white w/red center) and the three piece pole 54" long. VG SOLD
E30 WWI "Camo" painted helmet. Has 504, Co. C painted on it . I was told this was an engineering unit. Chin strap is missing. VG SOLD
E31 "Fix Bayonets!" by John W. Thomason, Jr. Captain, U.S. Marine Corps. Called the Rudyard Kipling of the Marine Corps. 1926 edition with most of the dust jacket. Really great stories of Marines in WWI. EX SOLD
E32 "JPS 1917" marked "Carlisle" pouch. Shows light usage condition. EX SOLD
E33 Pederson Device, Clip Pouch. Marked "R.I.A. 8-19" EX SOLD OUT
E34 Adjustable Campaign Hat, leather chin strap. This is the one that either end wraps around the hat cord through the side grommets. These are new old stock (NOS) and are correct for WWI thru WWII hats. EX $30.00
E35 WWI first aid pouch. Marked "J.P.S. 1918". EX SOLD
E36 WWI .45 Pistol, Squad cleaning kit. Contains 9-brass cleaning rods (one missing), brass "Banjo" oiler, brass "Patch Can", one combo scewdriver/pin punch and 10 .45 cal bore brushes. comes in the blued steel box with wood block insert. EX SOLD
E37 1916 dated "Carlisle" bandage in metal, pull ring container. Marked "First Aid Packet-U.S. Army, contract Nov. 1916, Bauer & Black, etc., etc." VG $60.00
E38 1916 dated Carlisle pouch marked "R.I.A. 1916". EX SOLD
E39 1916 "Eagle Snap" M-1911 magazine pouch. Marked "Mills Dec. 1916". Shows light use with "lanyard loop" magazine markings. VG SOLD
E40 1918 dated Mills .45 magazine pouch. Still has the paper instruction sheet on how to care for the magazines. EX $25.00
E41 1916 dated mounted "Eagle Snap" pistol belt. Marked "Mills Nov. 1916". These things are so rare! You hardley ever even get to see one! The "Eagle Snap" magazine pouches will only snap into one of these belts. VG/EX SOLD
E42 Brass "Banjo Oiler". This is the correct one for the WWI Squad pistol cleaning kit. EX SOLD
E43 "Kadin 1944" marked and dated Mussette Bag. Was issued as you will notice in the second image but, really crisp (two-tone) clean condition. 1942 dated GP strap. EX SOLD
E44 Identification Tag (dog tag) for a Jewish soldier with next of kin listing. VG SOLD
E45 Folding Shovel Cover marked "DAVE MFG. CO. 1944". Really mint condition. EX $35.00
E46 Pair of matched WWI wool leg wraps. VG $35.00
E47 1918 dated cleaning rod case for the "Football Handle" cleaning rod. EX SOLD
E48 WWI Mounted Canteen Cover. Marked "LONG 3-18". Cover is used with some wash fading and a few minor stains, etc. Leather is in very good (soft and pliable) condition. VG SOLD


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